Open Source Projects for FlightGear. FlightGear is an open-source, multi-platform, cooperative flight simulator development project.

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Notable Repositories

FGx Flightgear Launcher
The xPlatform Flightgear Launcher ~ C++

FGx Marble
Contains the FGx version of KDE/Marble

FGx Sandbox
Stuff happening now.

FGx Aircraft
All the FlightGear aircraft converted to JSON format.

FGx Aircraft Loader
Load and display FGx Aircraft files ~ Geoff's style.
New tab » FGx Aircraft Loader

FGx Aircraft Overview
Wiew FGx Aircraft files and other related aircraft info ~ Theo's style.
New tab » FGx Aircraft Overview

FGx Airports Overview
View FGx Airport files and other related navdata info.
New tab » FGx Airports Overview

FGx Globe
FGx Crossfeed data in 3D ~ JavaScript.
New tab » FGx Globe

FGx Plane Spotter
View the live FGx Crossfeed data in the context of an interactive 3D map.
New tab » FGx Plane Spotter

FGx Terrain
Mission: Provide 3D terrain elevation data for the entire earth at 90 meter intervals - freely and easily accessible even to new and intermediate programmers.
New tab Terrain Viewer

FGx Copyright and License